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For years now, SHORTY'S has been serving NYC's most authentic cheesesteaks. The debate rages on: what makes a cheesesteak authentic? Some people say it's the meat. Others say it's the cheese. Some people actually think a cheesesteak must be eaten in PHILADELPHIA!

For us, it's all about the BREAD. Just like it's difficult to duplicate NYC pizza in Los Angeles or a Long Island bagel in Miami, we feel the same way about a Philadelphia cheesesteak outside of Philly. What makes Philly bread work so well? Is it the water? Who knows?

All we know is that our bread is shipped in directly from the CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE and baked on the premises every hour in our own bread ovens at each location. Combining the finest ingredients on fresh Philly bread makes our cheesesteaks the real deal. Period.

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